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Delhi in Mumbai From time immemorial, Delhi has been a melting pot of cuisines. In the years preceding the present, it has been home to many royal families, and these have all added their unique flavours to Delhi’s cuisines. Nawabs, Sultans and Emperors all demanded food with exacting specifications and inimitable tastes. The present day Delhi cuisine is an amalgamation of Punjabi, Mughlai, Turkish, Iranian, and Pakistani roots. Fresh produce, rich ingredients, delectable spices and a complete dining experience characterize the food of Delhi. At Delhi Zaika, we are committed to reproducing the awe inspiring taste of authentic Delhi fare. All of our recipes are painstakingly researched and tried out by our team of virtuoso chefs and then presented to you. We stay true to the nuances of genuine Delhi cuisine but also dabble and innovate in adding new items to our menus. The street food at Jama Masjid has been famous for eons and has drawn many aspiring meat eaters to it. Classic Jama Masjid food items from chicken changezi to kebabs have long set the heartstrings of foodies aflutter. The clutter of plastic tables beginning in the evening and the heady aromas of sizzling meat being prepared on skewers is almost a gastronomic romance. It is truly a culinary experience to savour like no other. We aim to recreate that romance with our food. Delhi Zaika is the brainchild of Zubair choudhary, Imran Siddiqui, and Swaleh Zakaria. The branches were first established in Kurla and Bohri Mohalla and now feature in three locations. The chain of restaurants boasts a live kitchen counter where patrons can watch their food being prepared. The clatter of iron pans and tawas is coupled with the sizzle of golden butter, and the sight of various gravies simmering, whilst our patrons make their way to their tables. Says Aamir of his motivations, “For as long as I can remember, I have been besotted by the food of Delhi. My oldest memories are of the unique tastes of prepared lovingly at home, as our family hails from Delhi. When Delhi Zaika was being set up, I wanted it to echo the richness and diversity of Delhi cuisine that I was accustomed to. From the moment our patrons see their food approach the table, when the aroma of each unique dish wafts towards them, and morsels of delectably prepared repasts explode on their taste buds, they must be transported to Delhi in spirit. We guarantee to deliver an unforgettable experience and loosen your belts.”
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